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This is not the time to fly by the seat of your pants! 
 As you know most restaurants actually FAIL. 
 The Restaurant Rockstars Academy is designed to ensure that you not only succeed but that you KNOCK IT OUT OF THE PARK!  I want you to be as PROFITABLE as possible AS SOON as possible.  I also want you to build crazy customer loyalty and a dream team staff.  
You’re working just as hard
either way, so you might as well be having more fun and killing it – am I right?

  •  Create An Unstoppable Brand
  •  Build Your “Dream Team” Staff
  •  Know + Analyze Your Critical Numbers
  •  Deliver Amazing Service
  •  And Just Plain Simple… Make More Money!

So here's what you get....

✮ Setting up your company Organization/ Lawyers and CPAs, Permits & Licenses

✮ Business Plan Basics

✮ Leasing vs. Owning

✮ Restaurant Purchase Checklist

✮ New Construction Checklist

✮ Insurance Requirements

✮ Quickbooks and Basic Accounting System

✮ POS System Checklist and Selecting a Payment Processor
✮ Choosing Equipment Used/Vs. New

✮ Selecting a Bank/Banker

✮ Money Saving Tips checklist
✮ Managing Cash Flow 

✮ Product Costing System

✮ Inventory Systems

✮ Purchasing System

✮ Labor Cost System

✮ Break-Even System

✮ Downloadable Spreadsheets with Audio Tutorials 

✮ How to Cost Out A Profitable Menu

✮ Bar Tools - picking distributors, product mix options...and more
✮ Staff Training 

✮Team Building 

✮ Pre-shift Planning 

✮ How to Turn $100 to $1000

✮ Customer Service

✮ Staff Recognition & Rewards 

✮ Creating Your Dream Team
✮ Creating Effective "Hooks"
✮ The Power of Internal Marketing 

✮ Creating a Take Out Business 

✮ Building a Brand

✮ Building a Mug Club

✮ Affinity Programs to Build Loyalty

✮ Kid Friendly Options

✮ Using An Email Database - Newsletter Template

✮ Internal Marketing/ Guerrilla Marketing/ Strategic Partnerships

✮ Online Reputation Management 

✮ Website 

✮ Social Media

✮ Sponsorships/ Promotional Accounts/ Bar Promotions

✮ Live Music/ Big Events

✮ Building Business on Slow Nights and Off Season 

✮ Group Functions
✮ Creating Multiple Profit Centers 

✮ Portion Controls 

✮ Reducing Waste & Spoilage
✮ Menu Design 

✮ Comparing and Shopping Suppliers

✮ Resources 

✮ Food Prep

✮ Handling Comps and Voids

✮ Setting and Raising Prices

✮ Cash Handling Do’s & Don’ts 

✮ Staff/ Bartender Theft and Abuses To Be Aware Of

✮ Preventative Maintenance on Equipment

✮ Recycling
What people are saying...
"Roger is a wealth of knowledge with all facets of the restaurant business. He shares freely his secrets to running a successful restaurant. Going through his coaching program has been a huge help! The end result will pay dividends."
Brian K.
Restauranteur/GM, Hailey, ID
"I have managed restaurants for over 15 years. The first time I saw Roger's programs many years ago, they articulated everything I struggled with in a very basic, easy to understand way and send a clear message- "MONEY". The system works!"
Matt W.
Owner/Operator, Bethel & O.O.B., Maine
"Roger Beaudoin has created a great restaurant and staff training program. It's simple, down to earth, and it works. Roger is a successful industry veteran and his program is a fabulous resource for every restaurant. Roger is the "real deal" and his product is a real value."
Dick Groton
ME Restaurant Association Retired President & Executive Director 
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